Our Goal is to give back to the community by focusing on the growth of infrastructure, amenities, and overall community development of the Hubbards/Aspotogan region, while keeping it’s heritage roots and core values in clear sight.

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The Owners


Ryan is a seasoned Industrial/commercial developer with 16 yrs experience in the oil and gas/construction industry. During that time Ryan also pursued leadership and personal development training, with some of the worlds top experts. This training along with his work ethic provided him the opportunity to work with some of Canada’s leading Natural Resource Enterprises.

Successfully coordinating and managing multi million dollar developments and projects from ground up construction until branching out to form his own company where he took his career to new levels. Ryan has worked on projects with upwards to 5000 people and has helped manage and coordinate some of our countries biggest and most profitable oil and gas ventures on home soil. Ryan couples these assets with a passion for historic cultural significance and the conservation and restoration of the heritage of his home province of Nova Scotia.

An avid collector and expert in Nova Scotian antiques, Ryan brings so much to the table in terms of his eye for value and excellence. The ability to network and build profitable business ventures that support economic growth and development in communities here.


Jeremy McKenzie is a proud Nova Scotian with an unwavering dedication to his home province. Jeremy loves to read and is an introspective, emotionally intelligent life long student that has focused on human activity and positive leadership for many years. Among sales, distribution and design in his past career landscape he was recruited as a mentor for seasoned entrepreneurs and budding new minds to create and develop new business strategy. He was able to cultivate these ideas from initial concept development to full working business models by walking local entrepreneurs through the business startup process.

Jeremy is the devoted husband to his incredible wife Tara and together they are raising their 4 beautiful children; River, Meadow, Bearon and Briar. Nestled in the old fishing town of Ketch Harbour on the Eastern Shore he is taking the time to show this next generation how to love and appreciate the world under their toes. Tara and Jeremy homeschool their children in their 138 year old home on 3 acres of prosperous, bountiful mature coastline. They have fostered a life of discovery and gratitude for the land and have modeled the raising of their children around the four pillars shared by this company’s vision.


Ryan Samson

Jeremy McKenzie

PO Box 455, Hubbards, Nova Scotia  B0J1T0